About Us

Experience true tranquility and re-discover true music heritage. Listen to the classical music you love!

I grew up listening to South Asian classical music and ever since I can remember, I have seen how this music enriches lives, so I could not understand why more people don't listen to it. Turns out, the problem was people did not have easy access to good quality content. So I decided to change that and launched Saarey Music. 

Saarey Music is the music streaming service for South Asian classical music that gives you unlimited ad-free access to exclusive human curated high quality and authentic content. At the moment, the music is consists of live performances from the All Pakistan Music Conference. Saarey Music is a music streaming service offered by Saarey Ltd. We are based in London but our heart is in Lahore!

I hope this gives you as much joy as it gives me by sharing this music with you. 

Enjoy :)

Faraan - Founder and classical music enthusiast